Prof. Jeremy Teigen

Gerryminder: A Redistricting Game

Gerryminder, developed by Jeremy M. Teigen and Jeffrey A. Gilbertson, is a free, online redistricting simulation designed for undergraduates learning about congressional elections, representation, and gerrymandering. By putting students in a position to manipulate district lines themselves with a measure of "fairness," Gerryminder provides a non-boring, experiential way to teach redistricting.

Instructions for how to begin.

The Google Maps version (v4.5beta) is here. (Previous version with multiple states is here.)

An old paper I wrote on teaching redistricting (with an old version of this game) in college classrooms is here.

This project enjoyed generous support from the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Roundtable at Ramapo College.

"Gerrymander" vs. "Gerryminder"

Gerryminder is our name for the game above, a play on the original term for politically purposively drawn district lines, Gerrymander. The image above is a portion of the orginal published in the March 26, 1812 Boston Gazette, entitled "The Gerrymander: A New Species of Monster." Link to original at the Library of Congress.

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