Paramjeet S. Bagga,  Ph.D.

The Future of Bioinformatics

We are currently witnessing a technological revolution. With the increase of sequencing projects, bioinformatics continues to make considerable progress in biology by providing scientists with access to the genomic information. This progress is especially contributed by the Human Genome Project. The information obtained with the help of Bioinformatics tools furthers our understanding of various genetic and other diseases and helps identify new drug targets. With technological developments of the Internet, scientists are now able to freely access volumes of such biological information, which enables the advancement of scientific discoveries in biomedicine.

In spite of being young, the science of Bioinformatics exhibits tremendous potential for playing a major role in the future development of science and technology. This is evident from the fact that modern biology and related sciences are increasingly becoming dependent on this new technology. It is expected that Bioinformatics will especially contribute in the future as the leading edge in biomedicine to pharmaceutical companies by expediently yielding a greater quantity of lead drugs for therapy.

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