Paramjeet Singh Bagga,  Ph.D.

The Polyadenylation Complex

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An auxiliary downstream factor, DSEF-1 (Down Stream Element Factor-1; also known as hnRNP H'), assists in the assembly of the core polyadenylation complex on to the 3' end of the pre-messenger RNA.  A model representation.

Cleavage-Polyadenylation, a posttranscriptional event of mammalian gene expression, requires a complex assembly of several protein factors on to the 3' end of pre-messenger RNAs. Formation of  the Cleavage-Polyadenylation Complex is directed by conserved sequence elements present upstream and downstream of the actual Cleavage-Polyadenylation site (PA Site) on the RNA substrate.

The Core Cleavage-Polyadenylation Complex Consists of the following:


DSEF-1 is the First Auxiliary Downstream Factor:

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