The History of the Cold war: A Comparative Perspective


1968 qua 1968


Jeremi Suri, Power and protest: Global revolution and the Rise of Detente, ch 5 "The Global Disruption of 1968" (pp.164-212)


Volkogonov, ch 4: The Fourth Leader: Leonid Brezhnev, pt a (pp.262-302)

Lecture 15 1968: The Year of the Barricades;

Everyone to the barricades

; Events leading up to the Warsaw Pact intervention of August 1968 ;

The Prague Spring - beginning of the end for Stalinism


n Counter-cultures: the rebellions against the Cold War order, 1965-1975, JEREMI SURI, Cambridge Cold War History, vol 2



a. 1968 Intro




b. UC Berkeley: Oct 1967


c Berlin: June 1967



d. Early 1968: Tet



e. Martin Luther King: April 4, 1968



f. Paris: March-June 30



g. Prague: Dec 8, 1967-Aug 21, 1968



h. A Bloody Summer


i. Mao's Cultural Revolution-1966-1976


j. Moscow



k. Mexico City 1968



l. Conclusion: Social crisis for nation states